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So I’m still feeling sickly; I have been able to hold off my sore throat but my exhaustion is catching up to me as well as the other symptoms of what ever cold this is.  I had several errands to run today: take my dog to the vet for an update on his vaccinations, pick up the two kittens my sister and I planned to adopt, go to a pet supplies store or a Walmart to get a few more cat toys, and pick a few Yellowtail Flounder filets my best friend Steve prepared for my family (I haven’t had Yellowtail Flounder in so long).  Damn, I miss the summer already; I was so depressed when my dad and I removed our boat from the dock to winterize it for the dead season.  I miss fishing out in the bay quite a lot right now.  Oh well, I guess my time away will make me appreciate it more.  So yeah, I started the day off with a blend of Jasmine Oolong and Silver Needle.  I always drink white tea whenever I am feeling under the weather, with it I normally fight off colds and sicknesses quite quickly and easily.  

Now, this new vet that I took my dog Charlie to is quite the amazing person.  Her vet assistants are super nice and intuitive, they all work as a team to make sure their service is top-notch.  Charlie’s old vet was terrible with her methods.  If I made an appointment to have Charlie’s ears checked out, she would do that and everything under the sun.  What should have been a $70 visit turned into a $210 visit.  Our most recent experience with them was the last straw.  Charlie had developed a random eye infection which instigated us taking him to the vet.  They gave us antibiotics (eye ointment form) for the infection, plus medication for his ears under the pretense that Charlie also had a yeast infection, and recommended a pet dermatologist/optometrist specialist.  Upon meeting this specialist, he was easily able to discern what was ailing Charlie.  He had developed a skin rash which was commonly caused by a food allergy (prominent in breeds such as his - Lhasa Apso).  The rash had spread across his skin in areas such as the groin area, paw pads, eyes and ears.  The cause to Charlie’s red, swollen and itchy eye was the result of a rash.  The cause to the irritation in Charlie’s ears was the result of the rash.  There was no bacterial infection or yeast infection.  Well, thanks for the MISDIAGNOSIS.  The solution to our problems: a strict natural lamb and rice dry dog feed (no table scraps what-so-ever and any treats were to be carefully selected), a different eye ointment to help clear the swelling, itchiness and redness while the rash was being treated, as well as medicated shampoo to clear up the rash and heal any harmed skin.  The solution was simple, not as costly, and chosen carefully with Charlie in mind.  This specialist was wonderful.  Within one week, Charlie’s eye returned to a healthy condition, the rash was gone, the irritation in Charlie’s ears was gone and Charlie was happy.  That was about two months ago.  Today I took Charlie to a new vet to have his vaccinations updated.  Part of our reason to have his vaccinations updated at this time was due to the fact that my sister and I were planning on adopting two kittens.  Everything was set and ready to take the kittens home but Charlie needed to get his Rabies Vaccination updated.  Now, once again Charlie’s old vet got in our way.  The RI State Law for Animal Rabies Vaccinations states that for adult animal rabies vaccinations are good for 3 years.  The protocol from last year called for an update on rabies vaccinations every 2 years.  Charlie’s old vet continued the 2 year protocol instead of the new 3 year like every other animal hospital.  On top of that, she had told the Animal Control Officer (of whom we were adopting the kittens from) that Charlie was not only “late” on rabies vaccination but that we did not take proper care of Charlie.  Immediately upon learning this, we scheduled an appointment with the animal hospital recommended by the animal shelter (the new vet) for an early update on his vaccinations.  Upon looking at the medical records from the old vet, Charlie’s new vet asked us if the dog described on the records was a different dog that the one sitting in front of her happily chilling out on the floor.  The entire process was quick and entertaining as well.  I’m happy with the change vets.

After Charlie’s appointment, I rushed over to my friend Margaret’s house to pick up a cat carrier she had allowed me to borrow and both myself, Margaret, and Charlie headed to the shelter to pick up the kittens.  Everything was happy and well afterwards.

The kittens (brother and sister), a male golden/yellow/orange tabby and a female dark brown/light brown tabby.  Because of their narrowed faces, I can probably safely assume that the father was a cat of asian descent (the mother was a beautiful white/orange/black calico), which means that these little guys are going to be very vocal.  My sister has named the female Bailey and I have named the Guinness, Guinne for short. He’s an adorable little fatty thats not fat.  While watching them both play (after they found the courage to explore their new home) I noticed that Guinne would constantly run to the food bowl, stick his face in, and start mowing through…every 10-15 minutes.  His sister only paid the food bowl a visit once this during the few hours this night I spent playing with them.  So yes, even though he is not fat, he is Guinne the adorable future fatty.  At least I know Guinne will be the lap cat always wanting food and attention.  Bailey on the other hand is going to be a handful.  She was the first to venture out of the carrier and into her new home.  She’s very much an explorer and the leader of the two.  Although, she has shown to be more skittish than Guinne.  I can easily pet and approach him without him running under the bed, whereas Bailey runs for cover if I make any motion in her direction.  She really is adorable and funny though, and a NINJA.  She’s very stalkerish and quiet opposed to her brother’s charging from one end of the room to the other for a toy.  While chasing her brother, he would book it underneath the bed while she would jump and kick off the side of the bed to perform a flip.  Several chases she gave tonight resulted in her flipping and somehow climbing onto surfaces you wouldn’t think she would be able to get to and surfaces we had tried to kitten proof.  It is quite amusing to watch the two play.  

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